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Take Your Site Intelligence to the Next Level

Davicom’s powerful Cortex Series takes your remote land mobile radio site intelligence to the next level. This is a level where a remote monitoring and alarm system actually reduces your workload instead of increasing it.

It is a level where false alarms are minimized and where an intelligent unit takes care of the little things that waste so much of your time. You can depend on this smart box to automatically reset or power-cycle flaky equipment, to start a backup device without requiring your attention and even to reboot your network if it stops responding.

Repeater Automatic Testing
& Monitoring

Two-way radio repeaters are unique and complex pieces of equipment. They sometimes aren’t used for days or even weeks on end, but when they’re needed, they must start-up instantly and repeat the required radio signals. If lightning strikes, or the antenna gets damaged by a falling branch or ice during the repeater’s off-period, the problem won’t become apparent until the repeater is solicited for operation.

Cortex units can be set up to regularly start-up a repeater and run a complete test. This is not simply an on-off test. The Cortex can…

  • Generate an audio signal,
  • Inject it into the repeater’s mic input,
  • Key-up the PTT,
  • Measure the RF output and VSWR,
  • Detect audio (via a 2nd on-site or remote receiver), and even check for a specific tone,
  • Log the test,
  • Send a specific alarm if anything untoward is detected.

In addition, normal everyday operation can be continuously monitored for things such as…

  • PTT presence without RF power,
  • High VSWR,
  • Low RF Power,
  • 2nd opinion RF power (if the transmitter has its own RF output detector),
  • Power supply current,
  • RF Power Amp status.

At Your Site

Intelligently Manage Your Utility Power

Monitor site power and save on battery or fuel consumption by automatically shutting-down non-essential equipment.

Cortex units can use inputs from environmental sensors such as anemometers or lightning detectors to take defensive action by isolating critical circuits before the passage of lightning storms.

Keep a watchful eye on your generator by using the Cortex’s built-in logic functions to ensure it is running when it is supposed to, but more importantly, that it’s not running when it isn’t required.

Cortex units operate with as little as 200mA from a 12VDC supply. They can therefore stay in control of your site while still logging critical events during power failures or equipment breakdowns.

Turn your Cortex Into an Efficient HVAC Economizer

One of the most power-hungry systems at your site is probably the HVAC system. Using indoor and outdoor temperature sensors as well as built-in logic and math functions, the Cortex Series units can be configured to create an economizer function for your system. If your indoor temperature isn’t too high, and the outdoor temperature is cool enough, an economizer will allow your refrigerant-based AC to take a break while the outdoor air does most of the cooling work.

Save on Costly Interfacing Equipment and Connect Everything At Your Site


Don’t have an audio silence detector on your radio? No problem: Use the signal rectifier that is built-in to every Metering input on the Cortex and continually check for audio loss on the channel.


Want to listen to live audio from inside your site building/shelter? No problem: Use the Cortex’s built-in microphone input to remotely listen to ventilation fans, compressor motors or radar gearboxes.


Has your site photocell become defective? No problem: Use the Cortex’s integrated sunrise/sunset calculator to control tower, and site security lights.

fuel level

Don’t have an electronic gauge on your fuel tank? No problem: Use the Cortex’s built-in Activity Timers to estimate fuel level from total generator run-time.

SNMP agent

Don’t have an SNMP interface on a piece of legacy equipment? No problem: Use the Cortex’s built-in Agent to convert analog readings into SNMP OID fields that can be read by a remote SNMP Manager.


Don’t have an on-site timer to run the Generator test every week? No problem: Use one of the Cortex’s built-in versatile event schedulers to start and end the test.

Various Time-Tested Sensors

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP Appliance)

With their SNMP Agents and built-in SNMP Managers, Davicom’s Cortex units are powerful SNMP appliances.

The Agent can convert analog readings or contact closures from legacy equipment into SNMP-compatible OID’s that can be sent to, or read by an external SNMP Manager software.

The Cortex’s Manager can take readings, make settings and receive alarms from other, on-site SNMP-compatible devices. Depending on the situation, it can then take action locally, or even concentrate the information from all the devices and pass it along to a remote SNMP Manager at the Networks Operations Center (NOC).

Ping Check


Today, IP networking has become the nervous system of most organizations, including at remote sites. Davicom’s Cortex units can monitor the health of your on-site IP LAN to ensure everything is interconnected and communicating as it should be. The Cortex’s built-in Pings can check on the network status of connected devices as well as validate that remote WAN backhaul connections are operating correctly. By strategically addressing different Ping commands, the Cortex unit can analyze and determine which specific network branch or device is down. It can then use its virtual logic and built-in relays, or SNMP SET commands to individually, and automatically, reset site equipment, routers, switches or gateways.

Incorporating its own 4-port network switch, the Cortex360 can easily connect to other IP devices, and keep these connections alive should the site’s main utility power fail.

Customizable GUI

Since an image is worth a thousand words, the Cortex’s customizable GUI will help you, your system operators and technicians to quickly understand the situation at the remote site. Based on the powerful HTML5 suite, these GUI’s (or Workspaces) are customized with the Cortex’s user-friendly workspace development and edition tools.

Make your technical staff more efficient, reduce their travel time and expenses. Increase your system up-time and make your investment back in one year!

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