Connecting Everything At Your Site
Connect Any Type of
Analog or Status Sensor

Directly connect up to 8 analog sensors, 16 status sensors, and 2 audio feeds. No extra boards to buy!

Input Count
Professional Grade Metering Inputs

The 12 bit A/D converter provides high-resolution readings from your sensors.

Connect any type of analog sensor through the unit’s fully differential metering inputs. Levels ranging from 0.5V to 80V with a common-mode voltage of 80V ensure full flexibility.

Use any analog input to turn your Cortex 360 into an audio silence detector !

Independent Grounds for Each Status Input

Fully independent ground returns help reduce noise and ensure isolation between status inputs.

Activity Monitoring

All status inputs have built-in activity monitoring that checks for abnormal activity time on the input. Daily cumulative run-times are stored and logged.

Control External 

With its 8 relay outputs, the Cortex360 can command and control other equipment. From remotely switching to a backup transmitter to turning on the generator when a power outage occurs, the Cortex360 can take smart decisions to keep your site transmitting.

Relay Outputs 360
Need More I/O?
No worries, MEXM expansion panels or Modbus slaves will let you add up to…
Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
SNMP Agent
The Cortex 360 has a built-in SNMP agent that lets you monitor and control it from a central SNMP manager. When activated, this agent allows remote SNMP management systems to perform GETs, SETs and to receive TRAPs from Davicom units.
This feature has the added benefit of converting non-SNMP legacy site devices into SNMP-capable equipment through the Cortex360’s GPIO and SNMP agent.
SNMP Manager
The Cortex360’s built-in SNMP Manager allows it to take readings, set controls and receive alarms from SNMP enabled devices such as transmitters. This monitoring and control is achieved over a simple TCP/IP connection between devices, thus greatly facilitating interface wiring.
SNMP Packages Available
Create a Cortex 360 Network

Use the Cortex 360’s SNMP agent and manager to build a complete network of
interconnected, interacting and redundant site managers.

Design Automation Without a Single Line of Code!

Davicom systems provide automation with decision-making features and commands that go well beyond conventional telemetry systems. The Davicom units can, for example, detect an RF failure, place the standby transmitter on-air to restore the signal and alert on-call personnel. Engineering staff can then diagnose the problem from the event history log and, using remote data measurements, decide on the appropriate course of action.

Network PINGs

Use Network PINGs to
debug your network!

Ping different network branches or even the outside Internet to map network connectivity and faults.

Or use this feature as a
failsafe to reset unresponsive
network equipment!

Have your Davicom automatically reset network components from the remote end of your network link.

Complete Web-Based Interface
Clean. Modern.  Easy To Use.
The Cortex 360’s web-based  workspaces are completely customizable by the user. In addition, each user can have different workspaces on multiple devices (smartphone, tablet or PC). These workspaces have the advantage of being  stored directly on the Cortex 360 unit itself, thereby ensuring a uniform look when being accessed by different users. For low-bandwidth communications, workspaces may also be located on your personal computer using our DavLink software.
Save Two Firmware
Versions in the
Same Unit
Count on stress-free firmware upgrades thanks to the Cortex’s dual firmware memory spaces that ensure fail-over and rollback operation. Upgrades become virtually unbreakable, even if you pull the plug during an upgrade!
Top-Quality Design
for Electromagnetic
Davicom units have been developed and tested to operate in high-level electric fields and to resist electrostatic discharges. Exactly the type of environment you would expect to find near high power transmitters on a mountaintop with a metal tower!
Smartphone app for
Easy Control &

Davicom units have been developed and tested to operate in high-level electric fields and to resist electrostatic discharges. Exactly the type of environment you would expect to find near high power transmitters on a mountaintop with a metal tower!
Why Should I Buy a Cortex 360 ?
The all-in-one design gives you the possibility of connecting almost any type of sensor or network enabled device.
Reduce site maintenance costs by optimizing site trips and on-site repair time
More efficient employees will be more relaxed and have more time to accomplish other important tasks
Increase your site to technician ratio significantly.
Obtain detailed knowledge of site problems so you bring the right replacement part with you
Let the Cortex make decisions and take immediate actions to ensure that your site operates at peak efficiency 24/7.
Communicate with your site from anywhere in the world!
Through detailed knowledge of site conditions
New Hardware Architecture.
Ready for the Future.
Have specific requirements?

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