Felicitaciones a CCBE por el taller «Tecnología de Red IP para Ingenieros de Transmisión»

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Hats off to CCBE for the «IP Networking Technology for Broadcast Engineers» workshop at their 2015 annual conference.

The CCBE has established a relationship with the Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE), and arranged an all-day workshop seminar. The seminar was presented by Mr. Wayne M. Pecena, of Texas A&M University and sanctioned by the SBE. As recognition of their presence and to complement their career development, all attendees received a certificate. The course also prepared attendees to apply to the SBE to take the CBNE – Certified Broadcast Networking Engineer exam, an important career credential for all those currently working in the rapidly changing field of broadcast technology.

Mr. Pecena gave a most enlightening, and easy-to-understand description of the technology behind TCP/IP Networking, and how it all comes together to allow world-wide communications over the public Internet and private WAN/VPN networks. If you wish to get a handle on this technology and understand what is going on when your computer connects to a remote device, system, or broadcast site, over private and public networks, the complete presentation is available at the link below.

Mr. Pecena has graciously accepted that we publish the download link on our site, and share it with all who are interested. We invite you to do the same.

CCBE 2015 «IP Networking Technology for Broadcast Engineers» >> http://www.sbe.org/sections/documents/CCBE_Sept15.pdf


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